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What I Really Love

a really cute classy photograph of a little girl in pig tails

When I ran my own photography studio I spent most of my day maintaining the day to day running of the business. I happily said farewell to the monotony of work when the longing to get back to what I love became too great.

My Favourite Jobs

brother and sister about 7 years of age side by side

With all my years experience I've photographed many subjects. Just have a good read through my site and it will soon become apparent my entire web site is dedicated to photography I love.

A Little About Me

black and white phot of a girl smiling sweetly for the camera with a charming front teeth gap

Apart from my wife and children photography is the love of my life. I feel privileged to have carved a very successful career doing what I absolutely love.

Where I Mostly Work

handsome young boy with spikey blonde hair pulling a wonderful little smile making his whole face light up

I work from home in Sheffield (and my photography prices reflect this), South Yorkshire right next to Chesterfield in Derbyshire. I happily cover Sheffield, Chesterfield & Rotherham as well as Barnsley & Worksop.

How To Choose A Professional Sheffield Photographer

  1. Always ask to see any potential photographers past and recent work.
  2. Ask about image licenses. Will you own them or the photographer?
  3. If in doubt politely thank the photographer for their time and keep looking.
  4. Contract and deposit is normal in the photography industry, make sure you get your photographer to explain it and then read it yourself. If you are unsure do not sign and get advice or go elsewhere.
  5. Experience counts. Choose a photographer with many years experience.
  6. Listen for passion and excitement for what they do. Photography is not just a job.
  7. Check exactly what you get for your money and make sure they have your date available.
  8. Not essential but most photographers wont mind if you ask for references, although if you are that concerned from your consultation you should choose another photographer.
  9. Meet your photographer. A good photographer understands the importance of your day and will happily consult with you free of charge.

Why Choose Me As Your Photographer?

If you are after a professional Sheffield photographer specialising in weddings, portraits (family, couples and solo), pets (typically dogs, cats, horses, lizards) commercial portraiture, advertising or corporate photography for business marketing. as well as celebrations & parties look no further. I work from home in the south of Sheffield. Browse my photography price list where i'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised. My business costs are extremely minimal which is heavily reflected. I also cover all of Sheffield and Chesterfield as well as Rotherham areas.

  • Weddings
  • Celebrations
  • Portraits
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Pets
0114 2372265
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